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Motorsport: Driving
How to prepare your car and yourself for the thrills
of high-speed circuit driving
Art Markus

This ideal textbook for drivers planning to take their car onto the track includes everything from car and personal preparation to vehicle dynamics, track etiquette, choosing the right lines, dealing with traffic and how to speed with safety. An easy-to-digest book offering essential tuition for maximum enjoyment on race circuits. Chapters: Birth of the track day; Safety fast; Cockpit preparation; Tyre care; Brake care and cooling; Suspension development; Driving approach; Vehicle dynamics; The right line; Tyre performance; Maximum acceleration; Smoothly does it; Steering techniques; Braking techniques; Dealing with traffic; Riding the kerbs; Handling the wet; Finding the limit; To summarize; Useful addresses.

144 pages * 246 x 177mm * 80 illus * Paperback
ISBN 978-1-899870-59-2

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